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Manaia PHO

Manaia PHO is a substantial and well regarded PHO.  It’s based in Whangarei in Northland, and has an enrolled population of just over 78,000 patients.  It has over 25 staff, and a multiplicity of primary care and inter-sectoral initiatives.  It is an independent PHO (it’s not window dressing for another organization, e.g., an IPA).  It’s a limited liability company, with not for profit and charitable status, whose shareholders are the local GP business owners via their IPA, and a consortium of the local Maori health providers.  Manaia PHO is the largest of the six PHOs in Northland, and inevitably provides some leadership for the PHOs in that region, as well as providing some services on behalf of, and/or to, those other PHOs.  For example, Manaia PHO houses the register & information processing service for all the Northland PHOs.

Manaia PHO utilizes the services of PHOcus on Health on an occasional, ad hoc and project basis.  Manaia PHO is not in need of comprehensive management services, as these are more than adequately provided in house.

The services for which Manaia has looked to PHOcus on Health have included the following:

• Facilitation of board strategic planning workshop, and subsequent write-up of first draft of strategic plan.  (Feb 04)

• Facilitation of board workshop, including review of progress made, revision of strategic plan, evaluation of board performance and subsequent write-up of strategic plan.  (Jun 05)

• Development of Terms of Reference for Clinical Issues (including Complaints) Committee, and development of a tool for assessing & resolving clinical issues (Jan 06)

• Development of Performance Management Programme (PMP) plan (Jan 06)

• Development of process & tools to evaluate provider (GP, PN & practice administrator) assessment of PHO performance; collation of results & production of feedback report to PHO. (2007)

Manaia PHO makes use of PHOcus on Health for particular projects where it judges that it does not have the skill &/or expertise required, or its in-house team does not have the time to cope with additional work in the required time frame, or it wants someone independent (from outside/neutral) to conduct a particular task.

Chris Farrelly is the CEO of Manaia PHO.  He comments on the PHO’s periodic use of PHOcus on Health:

“The PHOcus on Health team has an excellent understanding of the primary health strategy and the environment in which it is being implemented.  Our country is too small to have multiple systems and organisations working in an unconnected and fragmented way.  We have found that the sector knowledge and expertise within PHOcus on Health has assisted in a bridging process and shared learning from some of the very good developments that have taken place over the past few years.”