Expertise for a healthier New Zealand

PHOcus on Health is a small family owned and run firm.  It specialises in:

  • consulting and project management in the health care sector and the fitness industry
  • counselling, especially children's counselling, using play therapy and other modalities.

Consulting & Project Management

PHOcus on Health works with and for primary health organisations (PHOs), providing governance, management & clinical support.  The PHOcus on Health team has particular interest and expertise in long term conditions management (LTCM).  We design, develop, implement and evaluate LTCM programmes.  We combine physical activity, nutrition and weight loss components alongside structured primary care.  PHOcus on Health also provides governance for NGOs and fitness businesses


PHOcus on Health provides counselling services.  A particular focus and interest is counselling for children and young people, mainly in the Franklin and North Waikato districts.  Services are available at selected schools and at Kids Social Services in Pukekohe.